Hola! Hi
I'm Jenny Ruiz, an Ecuadorian photographer based in LA.
I have more than 11+ years of experience in the advertising and fashion industry creating high quality photographs for different international brands such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Chevrolet, Visa, Fanta, Minute Maid and many more. My work has been published in different Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador).
I feel very proud to have been the first female photographer working in the Ecuadorian advertising industry, it was not easy, it cost me a lot. In Ecuador it is not enough to have talent, you must show what you are made of.
All the effort paid off, I am so happy to see nowadays more talented women working in an industry where there were only men before.
I come from a family of artists, I love photography but interior design (I studied architecture for 4 years), set design and art direction are part of my life.
As you can see in my work, I am a color lover, surely all the colors and textures that exist in Latin America have influenced my work. Now I am here in the North ready to create exotic photographs with tons of color.
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